Worship Leader Opening

We are stepping into a new season at First Church in our worship ministry, as we are looking for a new worship leader. This is a 20-hour per week paid position. What we are looking for is a worship leader who is a heartfelt, humbly confident worshiper of Jesus Christ. Her or his passion is to lead His followers and others TO worship (emphasis on their engaging in worship). The leader desires to see every believer confidently, unashamedly glorifying God wherever they live, move or have their being. To that end and along the way the leader concerns him or herself in inviting, encouraging, and equipping believers – who are too often reluctant, unskilled and self-conscious – in the public worship of God, while raising up the worship team to present to God the best of their gifts, talents and skills.

If someone like this comes to mind, would you kindly send them this link so that they can get more information? http://bit.ly/EphrataUMC

Thank you!