Run For God

Run For God 5K Class Challenge - Spring 2018

A new class is starting March 12th - sign up now. See News Flash, testimonials, and the Summer 5K Challenge Class picture below. Link to sign up for spring class is there too. (Who is that guy on the right in the picture?)  :-)

Run For God Club - meeting now every Saturday

In addition to the Run For God 5K class a RUN FOR GOD Club recently began in Ephrata. The club meets every Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. for a devotional, prayer, and running or walking or biking on the beautiful Ephrata Rail Trail. Dogs are also welcome. Just show up on Saturday. No reservations needed!!

Who: YOU! This club is open to all ages and levels of runners AND walkers.

What: A community of like-minded runners and walkers who use the sport to share the love of Christ.

When: Saturday mornings from 9:00-10:00 a.m. Join us anytime!

Where: Scratch Bakes, 3 West Main Street, Ephrata.

Why: To grow together in faith, friendships, and share the love of Christ along the way.

Contact: Travis Hess - 717.892.8240;

Join us as we become better witnesses for Christ… physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Run For God 5K Challenge Class

News Flash - 9/16/2017: We just finished the summer RUN FOR GOD 5K Challenge Class with our finale run at the Totally 80’s East Pete 5K on September 16th. Not only did we all successfully finish the race, but our team also won best dressed!!

What participants of this 5K Challenge class have said:

  • When I first joined the group, I just wanted to be active and I really had no intention of actually running a 5K until the 2nd or 3rd class. The program has done a good job of lifting me up spiritually as well as physically. 
  • If I've learned anything these last 12 weeks it is commitment and perseverance along with dedication. It is also for me to be able to take care of and connect emotionally with others. Taking care of myself will be beneficial for the future, and as a single mom a help in taking care of others. 
  • It's made a difference in my life. 
  • This class filled a long-time void I had been feeling due to not being part of a small group. Now I feel connected and fulfilled!
  • I just wrapped up my first RUN FOR GOD 5K Challenge class. What an amazing experience it was this Summer!! God gave me the courage to break out of my comfort zone and become a leader at the perfect time in my life.  

If you have any level of interest in participating in a RUN FOR GOD 5K Challenge class in the spring of 2018, please sign up in the chapel or contact Travis Hess. Check out the Run for God website here.