Discovering Your S.H.A.P.E.

What is your God-given SHAPE?  How has God designed you for serving? SHAPE is an acronym made popular by Saddleback Church.   

S – Spiritual Gifts - What has God supernaturally gifted me to do?

H – Heart - What do I have passion for and love to do?

A – Abilities - What natural talents and skills do I have?

P – Personality - Where does my personality best suit me to serve?

E – Experiences - What spiritual experiences have I had? What painful experiences have I had? What educational experiences have I had? What ministry experiences have I had?

To discover your SHAPE -

1. Identify your spiritual gifts -  We invite you to complete a spiritual gifts assessment to help reveal your spiritual gifts. 

  • Youth online version - click here.
  • Adult online version - click here.
  • You may choose to receive your results via email.  Check your spam folder if you don’t see the results in your inbox. 
A paper version is available for youth or adults - contact Maryanne, Director of Adult Faith Formation for a printed copy.

We encourage you to take the spiritual gifts assessment even if you have taken one before as one's gifts can develop and change in different seasons of one's life.

2. Complete your full SHAPE profile -  Open and print this document. Complete the form and return to Maryanne in the church office.

3. Contact Maryanne to discuss your SHAPE and the opportunities available at First Church where you would enjoy serving and be most effective.

Contact Maryanne if you have any questions along the way.