Equipping Hour Classes

Sundays from 9:30am-10:30am

  • Women on the Journey-Room 111

    This class of women of all ages is currently meeting together to continue their growth and discipleship in the Lord.  They desire to encourage and spur one another on in their spiritual journey, walking in Jesus' steps.  Women are encouraged and welcome to join at any time!

  • Connect Class-Room 203

    Our goal is to grow as sons and daughters of Father God, brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ and in teachable revelation through the Holy Spirit. This class desires to apply what they read, hear, and discuss to their own lives. We'd love for you to join us!

  • Faith & Friendship-Fellowship Hall

    Our class enjoys topics such as Biblical studies as well as contemporary and life situations. We believe that with heaven-to-earth teaching, God will bless you to move into a deeper relationship with Him. We want you to be reminded of God’s amazing grace and provision.   All are welcome to join!

  • A Quiet Hour-Room 207

    This is individual time with God available in our prayer room, room 207. Meet with God and enjoy His presence. There is also opportunity to receive prayer or prophetic ministry from our trained prayer team during this time.  Please contact the church office in advance to request this ministry during this hour or at another time.  


Adult equipping opportunities come in various forms (classes, small groups, and seminars) to help us grow as we are transformed into the image of Christ. Accountability happens in the midst of relationships as we connect with one another in small group settings or while in the midst of serving.  

We live out our faith in practical ways as we engage in service in our church, community, and the world, bringing honor and glory to God. Visit our SERVE page to learn about the opportunities to use your gifts and talents for God's Kingdom. If you don't know your gifts or want to confirm them, check out this gift discovery tool.

It is our personal contact with others wherever we are that provides a witness of our faith that draws others to Christ. Care for our church family happens through hospital visitation, shut-in visitation, prayer ministries as well as in the context of our home and ministry groups as individuals care for one) another.

Seminars & Special Experiences

These seminars can be offered at various times and in flexible formats. They may happen in a weekend, a one-time class, spread over several weeks, or in whatever creative format fits the schedules of those who wish to experience them. Please contact the church office if you are interested in any of these seminars.

  • New Member Class

    Interested in learning more about First Church and what we believe? Want to become part of this family of believers? Come join our New Member Class. It may be offered at any time of the year when there is interest. Contact the church office with interest or to learn more about membership at First Church click here.

  • Encounter Experience

    Experience the Holy Spirit! The Encounter Experience is time set aside to allow the Holy Spirit access to your heart, mind, and life. It is a time for unforgiveness, lies, rejection, and other obstacles to go, and a time to welcome a new filling of the Holy Spirit and a new freedom, becoming all you can be in Christ. You can expect a mighty transformation as you give the Holy Spirit time to work in you. 

  • Prayer skills training

    Increase your prayer life! Be equipped with tools to use in your own prayer life as well as acquiring essential training to help fulfill any desire or call to future prayer ministry. These are indispensable skills for all disciples.   Contact the church office or email Barb with interest or questions. Or click here for more details.